Friday, August 19, 2011

Tabbing on: The Cinderella effect!!

A few years ago, technology was just what rocket scientists did for a living. Computers were boring black n' white boxes which could be operated only through DOS commands (and of course you had to mug those commands, for creating directories and folders and all other sort of unnecessary things). I just needed to clear the computer science paper by mugging up the unending generations of ENIACs, UNIVACs. I remember those times with a smile, when I used to seriously curse Charles Babbage for making life so difficult for us!!

It may sound really strange now, but at that time even Google was a word still unknown....

And all of a sudden, Windows in the form of the Royal Ball- with is colorful interface and extremely user friendly features entered the life of every human. Everyone suddenly had a royal invitation in their homes, in the form of a computer with a colored monitor. Students drooled over MS word, excel, paint... scanned their old photos, used floppies for all kinds of project work. After the CDs came in, we all felt, technology just couldn't get better....

But it did!! The internet (as well as Google) swept everyone off their feet- the stunning Prince Charming in the garb of hitherto unavailable information. A dearth of new features and boundless opportunities seeped into the life of everyone who took the bold step to enter internet cafes, open their own email accounts, make friends (read love interests) on Chat rooms etc. etc. Well, this blog post will be inadequate to describe the way the internet changed everyone's life.

But there was still one hitch. For a dreamer like me who desperately needed their personal space- the computer still wasn't strictly personal and like a book or a walk-man you couldn't sneak into your cozy corner with a huge CPU, monitor and key board in your hand....

Then technology, the unstoppable Fairy God Mother converted the ordinary loudly ringing land phones into something totally personal (albeit expensive) -pagers and cellphones. She didn't stop there and converted the boring structure of PCs into  the amazingly useful laptops. It was not long before the cell phones and laptops evolved (at a pace that is comparable only to magic) and the inevitable marriage of their features gave birth to the irresistible smart phones and tablets of today.  Today, every technology major, be it Apple, Samsung or Nokia is vying with each other to thrust these devices in to the hands of eager buyers, who are eternally hungry for  advanced technology at their finger tips.

My friend recently showed off her Samsung Galaxy Tab-750 at office and after trying to snob her for some time I literally pounced upon it to explore the features. Voila! I was in love with them all! My personal space was all mine now- technology had the Cinderella effect! I switched to the fantasy mode and imagined how my life would change when I own this tab....

What is it about the Samsung Galaxy Tab-75 that sets my heart pacing...

It looks n' feels hot... Slim, sleek and extremely fashionable, I love to flaunt the Samsung Galaxy Tab-750 in front of friends and strangers without discrimination! The screen is mind-blowing with all mini Apps lined at my finger tips- be it internet, the calendar, the calci, the weather- all my favorite short cuts are viewable at a glance. And it fits in any bag I carry....I'm so falling out of love with my laptop and smart phone!

 Itz crazily fast... For an impatient person like me, speed does matter!! The fast browsing and the quick downloading and uploading on Samsung Galaxy Tab-750 are just adorable. I can browse mine (and my friends) photo albums, my favorite image sites, upload albums whenever I want. Of course, I owe my best and clearest of pics to this tab. And I don't have to stare at the loading symbol forever!

I've permanently switched to E-books... This is news!! An incurable book worm like me switching to e-books is definitely an incredible change. Yes! I'm reading all my e-books on the Samsung Galaxy Tab-750 whenever I' feel like, especially while traveling. Itz easy on the eye and engrosses me just as ever.

Itz best for any movie-music maniac... Watching movies with impeccable sound quality had happened only on my home theater system until now. Things are very different with the Samsung Galaxy Tab-750 on my lap. The music, movies and multimedia are just as perfect or even better!

I'm still a Social animal... Even though the Samsung Galaxy Tab-750 tried hard to make me a tab worm, I resisted. All my friends still know what I'm doing, reading, saying, loving, blogging and tabbing- thanks to the dearth of Social Media I access on my tab. Communication was always good, but it got all the more better because of this stunning piece of technology

It got me the top performer award... My boss holds the liberal views about work being done from anywhere and because of his benevolence and the Samsung Galaxy Tab-750 , my work hours are now shifted to a convenient "every time I feel like"!! Be it brain storming on MS-Outlook, reporting on MS-word, charting growth curves on MS-Excel  or preparing critical business strategy presentations on MS-PPT- I'm unstoppable now.
The top performer award I got is just a humble dedication to my wonderful new friend , the Samsung Galaxy Tab-750.

 [I had promoted the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab-750 on my blog and I'm glad I shared it with everyone. The current blog post is an eager participant of the "Indiblogger- Its Time to Tab Contest" in association with Samsung.  Watch the official video below-it is exciting]


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