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Connecting through Content

Building great customer relationships is not rocket science! It is surprising, how simply certain taken-for-granted human rules can be nurtured to bear the fruit of successful sales or even referrals for your business, recommendations for your products or retweets to your events. Here are some insights into those human attributes.....

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Social Media – Just a Click Away?

A single click is all it takes for me to know what the world around me wants, thinks, enjoys, loves, hates, patronizes, looks forward to, is crazy about, or stays away from! A single click tells me that I have two more fans and five more followers. It tells me that I share basic interests with seven others and that my article has been read by 20 more people of whom 17 have wanted me to know their opinion. My website has been marked as favorite by five scientists; I’m connected to the CEO of a popular startup; my long lost childhood friend has finally found me (his wife and kids say hello) and two communities insist that I should be an active member of their group...

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Effective marketing through Brochures

The chief differentiators between marketing and effective marketing is the use of appropriate tools. For a customer, it is imperative to develop trust on a brand even before he purchases the service or product. Effective marketing tools are primary to communicate brand message, and acquire/retain the customers. Online market is different; here it takes much more to convince a customer. An advertisement, email, website or any other tool is of no use in online market if it is of no good quality. Printed evidence, in the form of a brochure or catalog is always a supplementary tool to the complete marketing strategy. Using an effective brochure for an online campaign builds credibility in the market....

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How to Be a Good Host After a Tiring Day

The day has been long. You have woken up before sunrise and it's already way beyond sunset. The day is nearly over, even before you realised. The rush of meetings, hardpressed deadlines, unprecedented official or personal chores, boss' mood swings, the children's annual sport event, your spouse's new job jitters - your day never had a moment of calm. You are surprised at sudden hunger- when did you have that last hurried bite? To top it all, you have forgotten all about the important dinner guests today! And you are already out of steam....

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How to Breathe Life Into a Boring Party

Some parties don't turn out the way they are meant to be. A party where not everyone is actually letting their hair down and enjoying heartily loses the flavor of a party and is reduced to just a social gathering. A few clever twists and unusual turns are critical in bringing back that much-required zing. So how can you get about doing that?

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How to become an Online Freelance Writer

There are many struggles you may face to establish yourself as an online freelance writer. This article is here to help people and make their struggle a little more easy. So here goes...

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