Saturday, May 28, 2011

A thing of Beauty.....a Joy forever!

What is beauty in actuality...the truth or an eye wash?
A mirage lurking forever...or a question equally brash?

Frayed & hackneyed with time...the answer still at large
But this query still stands bravely….answerable, free of charge!

Some beat around the bush…some may speak their mind
The answers are black n' white…truth n’ deceit combined

Beauty has typically stood for… the fairer sex’s grace
Their flawlessly fair complexion… some exquisitely chiseled face

How many care to admit… that they look beneath the skin??
How many are brave enough to… look for that guy within???

My fellow writers have also…beautifully elaborated on this theme
Woven words in phrases and made their verses gleam!

Beauty could be only shallow or a trait rarely seen
This is what my version of “real beauty” has been....

Beauty lies in all of us... we all are creatures of charm,
For some its the face which glows; for others, their feelings warm

When we clutched mother's arm, when we first trotted behind Dad,
They thought we are beautiful...Oh! how we made them glad!

Our teacher's smile was lovely, so was the girl next door
The first bike we rode was great and our first winning score...

We realized how ravishing grand mom is, even when old n' worn...
We saw charm in the eyes of love, when we were lovelorn.

But what we never stopped to think, is that in everyday life...
We have beautifully touched others n' taken away their strife!

There was beauty when we saved that pup, there was beauty in the pain
When we lied to save a pal, when we celebrated in cold rain

We were beautiful when we brought a smile, on that old beggar's face
We were captivating when we, on purpose lost in a critical race

We are all so beautiful to our Mother nature, of course
When we do our duty towards saving, her finite resource

We are beautiful when we fight, tooth n' nail for a cause...
We are beautiful when we work with a meaningful purpose.

That tear shed for someone else....that extra mile walked
Our beauty has often goaded  an inner strength, well-stocked

No one is ugly, dear one is born a thief
We are beautiful if we think so, it is all about belief....

Something unforgettable, a happiness that lingers among life's plenty
What makes it is a joy forever.... it is that 'thing' about beauty!!

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  1. What a beautiful post! touching to the core! :) All the best sweet gal :)

  2. Hey Anukriti....Thanks for the comment. This post can't beat the one you wrote on beauty. Your post has left me was breath taking. A literary gem deserving to be crowned!!!

  3. Truly beauty lies within. Beauty is the anything that fills us with joy. A simple smile to any lavish offering... Truly awesome post.

  4. Wonderful.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

    Someone is Special

  5. We are beautiful if we think so,it's all about belief! Very well said! The poem is super lovely! It's really hard to create a poem on a topic as wide as beauty and yet you did it and that too so wonderfully! :)..I loved it :)

    Keep writing :)

  6. :) I liked your views and the verse is lovely. Thanks for sharing .

  7. true and flowing words... beautifully portray the beauty in us...

  8. Very nice. Heart touching post.

  9. @Everyone... Thanks a ton !!! It is really very very inspiring to get your comments (& the votes). And do remember that only people with a beautiful heart can give such encouraging & touching feedback!! I'm indebted to you all... & will try my best to continue expressing myself in verse.

  10. AWESOME post swati !!
    i am like REALLY impressed !!!

    i would really like to publish your work in a magazine. Please contact me as soon as possible.
    e-mail id :

  11. Well written! The above 'thing' of beauty is a joy forever :) All the best for the competition!

  12. voted!

    vote for it if you like it.

  13. @Aparajita, @Anto, @Anonymous & @Psyche Bubbles!! Thanks all you people for reading through my poetry. It is because of your words that my verses sound even better...

  14. yeah gr8t poetry, imagination & truth put into words...:)

  15. Your post reflects a conscious understanding of the term beauty. Excellent craft of poetry. Good luck with the contest!

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