Saturday, September 10, 2011

Live in action at Indiblogger!!

Thrilled, excited, intrigued and raring to go at the September Indiblogger meet at the Goldfinch hotel, Bangalore. My second Indiblogger meet started with meeting lots of people I already met last time. Was kind of like meeting old school friends!! The best part of the meet is that I get to take video interviews of attendees, on yes...hold your breath- the Samsung Galaxy 750 tab!!! The people here are full of enthusiasm and as excited as I am. For most, it is more than the third the 'long time' exclamations predominate!!!

First things first, the Indiblogger gang introduced themselves and shook off lots of shyness. Made us stand, sit and ultimately after a lot of filtering on the sit-ups, the girls walked away with cool Samsung sweat shirts ;-)

Going on next, the Samsung team took us on a discovery journey & showed us how "the Samsung Galaxy 750 Tab is better than all others". The presentation was far from a monotonous drab that generally characterize product demos. On the contrary, it turned out to be quite interactive, sprinkled with humor and spaced with loud guffaws, not to mention the Samsung blue tooth head sets being won by people who answered the simple technical questions "first".
All the features starting from the looks, the convenient features, the flawless interface, the super fast browser etc. etc. were discussed in detail. The flaws of the device also came out... not that any were visible to me!!!  The tech bloggers would be able to do much more justice to the discussion about the Samsung Galaxy 750 tab that happened on the floor.

This session was followed by 60 seconds of fame for bloggers of Bangalore  and even Mysore, Hyderabad, as well as nearby areas who were here just for the meet! Everyone enjoyed everyone's introduction and were photographed avidly during the introductions... those 60 seconds of fame had really made us all feel like important personalities!

Some great networking happened over high tea. With savory hot snacks on our plates- the mingling with  people whose literature we have read and voted for, was an experience on its own!

The twitter quiz, with attendees answering from their Samsung Galaxy 750 tabs was pure fun! The first question- "would you swap your laptop with the tab?" had mixed responses. The second wacky one, "would you dump your partner for the tab" was answered by an equally wacky- "if I'm gay, yes"!!! The third one "what period of history would you record on the tab if u got a chance?" had some equally funny answers too! The people who answered these walked away with Samsung Blue tooth head sets! There were several other aspirants wooing those cool devices!

The meet concluded  with Live & Let Comment and IndiBlogger Forums. The forum this time covered several interesting topics like corruption, blogging and of course technology!! I too bagged a super cool Samsung Blue tooth head set after shooting all the bloggers who attended the meet on the Samsung Galaxy 750 tab!! Hurried exchanges of visiting cards, email Ids, twitter handles and phone numbers etc. were interspersed with a mad rush for our signature black Indiblogger T-shirts!

Another evening to remember, some new friends who might grow from being just acquaintances, old friends whose company we get only during an Indiblogger meet and a technology to pine for... Indiblogger triumphed yet again in making  a group of people who simply assimilate their thoughts on a computeer into people who blog for a purpose. Kudos!!


  1. was nice meeting you at the show :)

  2. Missed it this time too .. wasn't aware of it :(

    Nice blog you have out here :)