Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Mother was Born...

Wishing my dearest Mother.... a very happy birthday (August 25th 2012). You are the one whose presence in my life, has made me whatever I am today. Love u Mom- you are unparalleled!

My mother was born the day I was…replete with sublime womanhood
A daughter, a wife, a sister she’d been…but now she was a mother, for good

Fresh from the throes of labor…smiling through immeasurable pain
When she first held me to her bosom…the rare sensation was all hers, to attain
Her sleepless nights were painless… daunting duties for a newborn, easy
The slightest ache I suffered… plunged her into deepest agony, no…frenzy

The initial stuttering words… faltering infantile steps, brought tears
Of pride, joy for the success of her child… triumphing all motherly fears

A growing tween had lessons to learn…the confused youth oft erred
Her advices fell on immature, deaf ears…but one never saw her, undeterred

Fears of failure, ended within me…she made sure of endeavors bold
She made me fight my demons…the wet clay was skillfully mould

Exuberant over my achievements… stoically, bearing that battle lost
To hope, she always taught me…yet, prepared me for the worst

And then, her offspring flew away…into spaces, destinations of their own
Left alone with just memories… her unfathomable grief, never shown

Her crazy antics, infuriating… her eccentricities making it worse
A strange paradox of emotions …makes a lovable mom, of course!

Today I’m not just proud….of having a mother like mine
Independent, daring , determined…the  family’s sole life-line!

You’ve made us into humans…just, sensible, tolerant and tough
Love you eternally, Mom… any words will never be enough.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Soaked in hope....

So soaked are we of life- soaking is life itself now!
How long will life be a prolonged farce….when shall we soak no more?

Born to a world, soaked in power- where survival is permitted only to the fit
Longing for the ascend of the weak… in a world, soaked in kindness

Born to a country, soaked in prejudices-where you have to be born ‘touchable’
Longing for acceptance and compassion….in a country, soaked with equality

Born to a society, soaked in superstition – where being a girl or her mother is a crime
Longing for realization to dawn… in a society, soaked with understanding

Born with an outlook, soaked in limits- where thinking out of the box is taboo
Longing for boundless freedom of thought… in a mind, soaked with courage

Soaking no more in self-pity- where every person can change for the better
Where one does not just long for change... where promising tomorrows are soaked in hope!

This poem is my contribution for Indiblogger and Surf Excel Matic's -" #SoakNoMore" Contest

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An ODE to Marriage...

Shaadi - Jo tera hai wo mera hai!!

Loved the new song of a popular telecom brand and couldn't resist tampering with it for making my own version of the song.....

Single, unmarried, akele... boring hai.
‘Couple’ and ‘hitched’ interesting hai!
Marriage hai toh fyada hai.
Fyada hai toh life hai...

KYUNKI [shaadi ke baad...] 

Jo mera hai woh tera hai. Jo tera hai woh mera...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Marriage Majboori!

This blog article is inspired by Sony entertainment Television's upcoming fun serial
Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage.

My cousin and I got married at the same wedding hall, with the same band playing, with the same dinner menu (to different men thankfully) for an identical reason- our grandmother!!  Like every Indian matriarch, our grand lady wanted to see us wedded "before she died" (she is still hale and hearty, mind you)! Apart from doing the unending shopping together, we had to manage flying cameos to each other’s special functions- with our statuses being "just married" and "would-be-blushing-bride" respectively. That is where the similarity between our marriages ended (or so I thought)!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My aim in life????

What would I do when I grow up…have I given it a thought?
I’m so grown up, but this one…still gets me all distraught!! 

Do I really know the truth… about what I want to do?
Do others have to know… of which I’ve no imminent clue!