Friday, August 20, 2010

Enthusiastic Online Marketing

You own a startup with top-notch service capabilities for catering to customers the world over. But you cannot help your location. What would you do?  Would you stick to serving just a small restricted customer base by advertising in the local classifieds or get bold enough and spend a fortune for advertising your services to the world in all possible media? The answer is neither. Now you don’t need to even hire a veteran marketer or be an expert at designing marketing strategies for achieving your goal. You just need an internet connection, know your way around the right websites, seize the correct opportunities, aggressively follow the current marketing trends and there you are! 

Organizations around the globe are evolving rapidly and embracing distinctive and innovative new methods to promote themselves and amplify their global presence- through the World Wide Web. With online marketing already being established as the most preferred medium of reaching out to clients & customers all over the world, the inhabitants of the IT capital of India are close on their heels too…

So what happens when a group of gutsy young professionals come together with the sole purpose of uniting the brains of all talented online marketers of Bangalore? A bang! Just this time around it is called OMEBang

OMEBang or Online Marketing Enthusiasts Bangalore- the brave young association that is the result of the untiring efforts of experts Suresh Babu, Shiva Purohith and their team. Since its inception March-April 2010, OMEBang has essentially been an open invitation, a free platform for all the enthusiastic marketers, who are involved with or interested in the online marketing arena. Starting out with a fistful of members, interacting closely in an informal atmosphere, OMEBang now boasts of a 200 plus community who meet every month to discuss the latest trends in online marketing. They aptly call themselves “a community of Passionate Online Marketing Enthusiasts who get together to share and learn from the Online Marketing Experts in Bangalore”.

Specialists from areas like SEO, PPC, Affiliate and Social Media, Web Analytics, Email Marketing and several other topics pertaining to online marketing, have been invited to grace the occasion, so far. The discussions are further enriched with participants providing the intricacies, technicalities and strategies followed as live industrial best practices.  Everyone can speak, be heard, suggest and be advised with respect to their queries and areas of interest.  It is an immense learning experience for every attendee.

I attended the fourth OMEBang meet during July last month. The topic this time was web / digital media analytics. The presentation by Chaitanya Kumar Pasupuleti was sprinkled with profuse knowledge sharing between all members, be it experts or amateurs. Facts regarding what analytics is all about, why and how should analytics be applied, types and details of analytics being used in the industry, details of  the different software-their pros & cons, how analytics affect the marketing efforts, how analytics can be applied on the personal blog to evaluate traffic rankings etc. etc.

As I regularly work on our corporate website to track visitors of email and other marketing campaigns, much of what was said was immensely helpful. Needless to say, I picked countless new tips that I have already applied to my daily analytics monitoring schedule. Apart from the above, I met several other fellow marketers and online marketing experts who were as enthusiastic as me in participating in this event. The camaraderie was infectious as all professionals let their hair down and enjoyed a weekend evening…sharing, learning, networking and of course having tons of fun..[Photos]

I’m eagerly looking forward to the next OMEBang meet which is on Saturday, the 21st of August, 2010 which is going to be all about Social Media, predominantly FaceBook as a tool for online marketing. Mr. Preetham Venkky, Chief Catalyst at Catalyst Labs - a Bangalore based technology media company, who is a technology evangelist for Apple in India and an authority at using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, Wikis etc.- for marketing will be the chief speaker this time around.

If you are also interested to attend this event, please visit: to register and know more about this event or visit the Online Marketing Enthusiast LinkedIn Group.


  1. Great Post Swati. We are happy to have to part of OMEBang and Glad you are getting something out of our events.

    Looking forward to see you this month.


  2. Thanks Suresh & Shankar! I'm looking forward to a great meet tomorrow...

  3. Nice Post abt #OMEBang. Impressive writing skills. Thanks for helping to grow-up #OMEBang.


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