Monday, September 6, 2010

"Ad"ding it uP !!

Boooh! Ads

No.3...Sensibly useless, Voltas AC

A bunch of kids invading a groggy woman's bedroom advising her to keep the AC on sleep mode; the same kids singing away to the neighborhood grumpy miser to save money by cleaning his AC filters. Either this makes you change the channel or growl in discomfort at the irritating monotone of the song. Not exactly sweet, that one! Voltas obviously wants to point out that saving power is a child's play! But it could have done been done better than making a musical mess that irritates one consistently, given an almost 2 minute repetition on TV.

No.2...Sad iTen number

Shahrukh Khan, man of the masses, the name that the world almost recognized India with. He makes a sad, pathetic show of his acting histrionics with this iTen car ad. There could surely have been a much much much better way of showcasing its features. How on earth can you compare a woman with a car! "You don't walk, you glide, you are the color of honey...blah blah blah" can neither correlate these words with a woman or a car. The iTen people would've really had to convince Shahrukh for days for acting in this one. He's generally not so moronic in real life!! I still hope this car sells for its features rather than the associated icon

No.1...For Fairer or Worse

You don't need a Shahid Kapoor to come and give you the hourly stats on daily cosmetic habits! But unfortunately, he does so. And tries to tell us how he "just" spends 1 minute per day (thatz still about 6 hours a year) applying Vaseline fairness cream to get fairer skin & rub off those blemishes! The whos-who of the Hindi film industry (Shahrukh, Aishwarya, Katrina, Kajol, Genelia, Asin, name them) have told us exactly how they got that creamy white flawless complexion sans marks and wrinkles. What planet do they think we are on, seriously?? Everyone knows that these products barely work. Girls (and now boys are also into this race) of all complexions have tried most fairness creams in the market. Has anyone really gotten that spotless (read:heavily made up) pale complexion their stars so confidently flaunt? But these products are still a leader in cosmetic care industry. Well...

Oooh Ads

No. 3... Kareena's Ghar ki Kahani

Yes, Kareena and Saif (without speaking a word) grab the attention yet again. And they capture every Indian woman & man’s heart with the close-to-reality piece (Ghar ki Kahani) they do for Airtel Digital TV. Saif excels as the speechless husband who checks out his wedding ring when Kareena in a signature monotone says, "Ye shaadiyaan hoti hee kyun hain?". And the oh-so-cliché resemblance of Kareena to the leading actress is just fabulous. No matter how novel the service might be, this ad is definitely something to look out for. At least this one is much better than Abhishek chasing Aishwarya for a bath soap or the near-sleazy Abraham-Biapsha ad for an anti-dandruff shampoo, where these celebrities make a vain attempt to resemble real life mortals.

No.2... The tribal triumph of Sprite

The oftrepeated cliché "modern-kid-meets-tribal-chief-in-Africa" theme... yet, this blithe ad brings that required smile to your lips. The message definitely "Clear hai". This ad always features the one smart (Sprite-consuming) dude & the other moronic-showoff who believes he can impress just anyone on the planet with his infinite wit. The best part is the dance the latter performs to impress the chief with words like "Kilimanjaro...Bow n Arrow"..which of course fall flat on the chief's head (quite literally). Well, one gulp of Sprite & Mr. Dzigunobodebo (or whatever the chief's name) is totally impressed!!! Hatz off...

No. 1...Zooozoos still conquer

Though not so hot now, Zoozoos still claim a top space in the heart of all ardent ad fans. They have taken a bolder step to capture the moon space now. Be the isolation on the moon saga, dueling the moonlings or yelling their happy messages upto the moon...these kiddos have just made an astronomical entry onto this satellite. Still fresh on telly are the human canon zoozoo that reminds you to get rid of that boring job; the art of living alerts that make you positively buoyant; the zoozoo who's glued to TV while he's being totally burgled ; the star of the match zoozoo with that magical background score or the "joke of the month" zoozoo gaffing away to glory on a cauldron of cannibal fire. They are funny, innovative, touching, unique and most importantly, they aptly convey what they want.


  1. Totally agree on the Fairness Cream stuff ... It is strange how that market has picked up ... In the US it used to be the quick fix fat reduction stuff which used to be splashed all over our TV screens ...

    Oh yeah, Zoozoos rule!


  2. I am bit agree with you but the way you explained everything i liked it a lot. Thanks for sharing this with us.