Friday, September 3, 2010

Living that dream...

That stupid grin barely leaves my face. My mail box is flooded. I've been typing faster than I've done in the past five years. My rarely used Facebook profile is alive and buzzing since the past few days. I've another score of people following me on Twitter and I’ve made new friends who've helped me connect to several others. Before you brand me as the typical smug next door, I will quickly explain.

I was a Radio Jockey (rather Music Jockey or MJ) for an hour on a popular Radio channel. I actually got to speak like a real jock (had been practicing it since ages) for what…10 minutes on my own!!!

I realized a childhood dream. Only for some moments but there it is. An actual dream coming true! This was my first one (among a few other lofty ones, which are still incubating) and it made me euphoric, ecstatic, exhilarated and all other synonyms of elated... naturally. Happens to a lot of people maybe, but it was a BIG thing for me.  Not the end of the road but the foundation of that one path, I'd wanted to walk down all my life.

 I co-hosted a show on radio…but the important thing is that I HOSTED. It wasn’t even prime time and someone else walked away with the popularity votes (and the goodies). Most of my close friends (whom I’d practically made to listen on gunpoint) and colleagues were the audience.  My family was proud of me. My moment of fame came and went. But I  got back something very precious that I’d lost somewhere down the path. Love.

No no  no  no no…before you guys assume that I bumped into an ex on the way to the studio, I’ll clarify. I’d forgotten to love myself and what I’m capable of, long ago. Confidence was there yes, but that love was definitely missing. I’d read somewhere that a lot of things change when you love yourself.  I never believed in that.

The fact that I’ve been doing a lot of positive things since that day is proof enough, I guess. I’ve started exercising in earnest, am back on my diet (err…the results maynot be very evident now), do my voice training daily, have finished a much neglected book, finally hosted that long pending dinner, tried out new recipes, writing my blog regularly, stopped neglecting my MBA project…. Will complete that list in my diary (yes I’ve become regular at that one too)! I’m a little amazed (not smug) at myself, really.
Now coming to why I’m making you read all this? It is a thought that I wanted to implant within you. Something to mull over.

Do you also believe that one small thing can turn your world around? Can making one tiny dream come true transform you into a different person…a person who is easily capable of achieving all other dreams much more easily than before?

When was the last time one of your dreams bore fruit? When you actually felt that delicious déjàvu in a fully awake condition? And what did you do afterwards… Did one dream lead to another one and you are where your dreams have wanted you to come? Did you let that euphoria take control and head towards fulfilling your next big dream or did you let it pass by hosting that loud party and forgot all about the rest? Or is that dream still lurking somewhere in your subconscious, impatient to see the face of the world....

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