Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Free Online Marketing Tools for Startups.

As an entrepreneur envisioning  a startup, challenges are aplenty and generally accompanied with lack of expertise, some warranted desperation and an impatience to see things run smoothly and take the projected turns. Justified. What is not justified, are the unwanted suggestions, tips, offers, advertisements, advices on where, how & when to invest that come dime a dozen. When starting that dream organization, meticulous planning, some clever strategizing and a futuristic conceptualization goes a long way in determining success.

Here are some free Online Marketing tools that will help those early startups by answering some basic questions; may help ridding some of that mental clutter and probably remind others of certain vital aspects of a small business. Read on...

CamStudio On Screen Video Recorder
Videos are invaluable when it comes to online marketing. CamStudio captures any onscreen activity from a Windows Desktop and converts it into AVI movie files for use in software demonstrations and active presentations. This application can be freely downloaded.

File Transport Protocol- FTP Guide
This guide by Michael Nicholas is another free download. It gives directions for uploading web pages and ebook/software files that could be viewed or downloaded by others. These can also be purchased from the business owner. It includes a free FTP program.

Press Release-O-Matic
Press releases are a powerful marketing media if strategized well. Press Release-O-Matic, from Bill Myers is a free software tool that helps  "fill-in-the-blanks" . It also comes with full resale rights.

Instant Press Release
This free online press release creator facilitates instant creation of powerful, attention grabbing, and perfectly formatted press releases in an instant.

This efficient tool captures anything on the PC screen and can save it in the gif, jpeg or other picture formats. Cool and absolutely free!

Screen Print 32
ScreenPrint32 works on the lines of the print screen button on the typical key board. It allows printing and/or capture to disk or clipboard, the full desktop, active window, predefined area, or user selected area of the screen. It is especially useful when compiling tutorials or web lessons. Capturing a screen area and pasting it directly into documents is possible. The resulting images could be saved to gif, bmp, jpg or png formats.

Domain Name Appraisor
This is an extremely useful software for those starting on a shoe string. It gives an estimated monetary value (in $USD) for any domain name (.com, .net, .org or .cc). On entering the domain name and answering a few questions about it, it pops up a figure saying what it's worth.

Super Powered Sales Grabber
This is a 12 Page "sneak peek" PDF excerpt of Chapter 6 from the "Action Grid System". This PDF file contains free, but very valuable and credible content that includes step by step details on how to create individual Audio Recordings that can  be sold online for $20, $50 or $100 !

The BlackHole
Here's the actual proof that the Internet "BlackHole" stealing away customers! This free PDF report features screen captures showing how the Internet Blackhole is actually stealing 25% to 50% of profits. This is definitely not theory.

Bot Surfer
The inventor of this software, Michael Nicholas has developed an application that automatically searches up to 15 forums at a time to find a topic of interest. It even 'Deep Searches' into blog postings...saving an insane amount of time!

htAccess Generater Demo
This online htaccess generator can be used to create apache configuration files. Dot Htaccesser simplifies the process of creating Apache .htaccess files. Users fill in the HTML form for the configuration desired, and it generates the .htaccess file syntax. It handles options (execCGI, includes, MultiView, etc.), authentication files, IP address blocking, custom MIME types, and error documents.

AVG Virus Checker
The AVG Free Edition is available for all single home users worldwide. It can be used without any limitations for the lifetime of the product. Free updates can also be downloaded to get the latest program virus databases.
JavaScript Vault
This is a collection of over 700 categorized JavaScripts in 17 categories that can be downloaded and worked with even in the offline mode. This neat application has something for everyone- be it novices or specialists. It has buttons, menus, graphics, text, redirection, cookies, messages, scrolls, forms and more, set up in HTML pages which can easily try the scripts without any messy editing.

Registry Guide 3.0
The Windows Registry Guide is a Windows help file that reveals all the best tips, tricks, and tweaks for the Windows® XP, 2000, NT, 98, 95, Me and Vista operating systems . It is a database used to store settings and options for the 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows and contains information and settings for all the PC's hardware, software, users, and preferences.

Banner Creation Tool
This is an online button generator site. Designed by "Four Corners", they offer templates for banners, 468X60 and standard size buttons, 88X31. It's a great resource, and very useful as well.

Questions like … What's the hex value of that pixel in that graphic? What is its RGB value? … can be easily answered with Zoom++, a tool which allows viewing, enlargement and analyzing of a region on the computer screen. This freeware program is unquestionably of immense use for reproduction of a particular color, or merely for determining minute differences in an image.

Traffic Virus 3.0
Traffic Virus 2.0 is web's first traffic generating free software designed to launch a viral advertising campaign. Quoted as one of the web's hottest marketing tool, Traffic Virus 3.0 is the improvised over the previous version with unique features to the "Get Viral" program that have never been offered before!

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