Monday, December 12, 2011

TWO Much!!!

If I get two more hours per day....TWO MORE, did you say?
Oh! I would do a million things.... or more that very day!

24 hours were never enough...I'd always had a clue
Well, I'd first make a list... of all I need to do!

I'd finish that extra work... that boss had on his mind
I'd even help someone... who couldn't take the grind!

I'd learn new things in my trade... and try out ideas new
I'd put my career on fast track....and get accolades too!

I'd go for my health check-up...that I keep putting away
I'd visit my friend's newborn...or try that new buffet!

I'd jog and I'd gym... to lose all extra weight
I'd do justice to my wardrobe...and work on looking great!

I'd make some brand new friends...or ring up old buddies
I'd really have the time to be... the life all parties!

I'd shop a little something... or more as per the mood
I'd walk all the way home... with energy renewed!

I'd spend that extra time... gazing stars with my love
I'd chat with the old couple...from the flat above!

I'd write my own novel... and sketch like the old days
I'd watch a dozen films...or catch up with those plays!

I'd cook and I'd house a little more neat
I'd clear every mess...or help clean up the street!

I'd not mind a traffic jam....with two more hours at hand
I'd patiently wait in queues...and surely understand!

I'd try to learn about...stock market or saving tax
I'd just take a crash course on ...methods to relax!

I'd finally learn to swim... or even play the guitar
I'd join the 'save-trees' drive... or the anti-corruption war!

I'd attack once and for mountain of laundry
I'd debate on women's deal with this quandary!

Two extra hours and I'd put...procrastination to shame

 TWO much time and life goes being just the same!!

1 comment:

  1. That was an interesting list riding the horses of procrastination. Get off and indulge yourself!