Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'd color the world...

I'd like to paint the world- in myriad shades & hue
See corners, walls & people, in their colors true!

I'd color the vapid umbrella.. that granddad had with him
The umbrella on which I'd thrown...many a childish whim!

I'd color my mothers tears, in colors of true joy
When she wept on seeing me change, from a child weak n' coy!

I'd color my father's sweat, from working hard n' long
Hard enough to bring us to, where we now belong!

I'd color my worn school dress, which was white & black
Embellish the old blackboard and dye my teacher's chalk!

I'd darn the rainy days, the million tiny drops...
Tinge the gloomy days in chrome, tills the rainfall stops!

I'd color a broken heart, fill joy in every crack...
Darn an innocent mischief behind an old pal's back!

I'd spray, I'd pour n'paint away, the sad n' forlorn days...
When sadness touched a human life, in oh! so many ways

Our life is FULL of color- whether we hide it or we show
Even God parades his mood.. with a colorful rainbow!

I've written about what I'd like to color in my life...for a contest hosted by HP Laserjet. It has been a great opportunity and a wonderful topic to write on. Thanks HP!!


  1. Even God parades his mood with a colorful rainbow.. aww.. sweet and colorful poem.. Good Luck and will my life be colourful ?

    Someone is Special

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  3. nice one !!! worth reading .
    tell me

  4. Nice correlation of life and color. Found it quite touching and emotional. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. @Someone is Special- great post too!!
    @Chitz & @Rukhsana .... Thanks a lot!! Hope to continue writing on these lines
    @Maninder... It is my pleasure to have readers like you who appreciate good poetry. Thanks