Friday, April 9, 2010

Searching for that angle...

For quite some time now, I have been debating with myself  (& my husband) about what I should write in my Blog. Whatever article I set to write is already written about in numerous ways and has been read by most active bloggers & surfers. So would they care to read about it again? And that too coming from an unknown amateur like me?
I must admit that I'm still not in a position (knowledge-wise) to write an unbiased article about nth generation Nano technology (or advance trends of marketing industry, for that matter) . So many other people are already doing it now and  the ones who are in the domain will continue to write as newer things evolve. Then, why should I put my confused opinion about the same topic into yet another blog?

I have also tried to blog those articles that I've found interesting . I must admit, I haven't done it very well, or regularly although I have no plans of quitting that strategy, as yet.

They say that you don't have to think about who reads your blogs, you just have to keep writing. What is the difference between writing your private diary or journal and a blog, then?? I personally  believe in venting my feelings to listeners who can empathize, advice and comment. A live audience. An audience that has the patience, enthusiasm, willingness and determination to encourage a budding blogger.  I should know what they think about this article or what their views about this topic are.

So friends let me know your views, opinions & suggestions regarding blog topics and I assure you that my ideas will do justice to them....

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