Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to Boost Your Personal Brand With Social Media

How to Boost Your Personal Brand With Social Media | Social Media Examiner

 I just read this great article about building Personal brands or rather, I'd like to call it, "Branding Yourself" on the Social media. With all due respect to Chris Garret, the Online marketing expert and writer of the above article (and all the people who given their comments)- I would like to add another point that could also help you build your personal brand on the Social Media, outside the web.

"Viral Market yourself to the Social Media"
This could sound like a cliche because it is something we all tend to do instinctively. But "viral marketing yourself" is not promoting yourself by bragging about your last award, best seller, your professional achievements or your personal victories. You need not have to be a walking encyclopedia, either!
Subtle promotion of the principles you believe in (without offending what others feel about the same issue), the recent knowledge you acquired about a particular topic, an experience from which you learnt a good or bad lesson.....all these go a long way in promoting you.

Today everyone is a part of the Social media circle. If one of your anecdotes, pieces of advice or knowledge trivia clicks with someone, he is bound to mention you to one another person at least. That's where your personal viral marketing starts. And as Chris rightly pointed out "as u sow, so shall you reap". Speak out good, informative and positive things and the next thing you know, you have been mentioned on  someone's blog, tweet, you have a new fan on Face Book or a great professional contact has added you on LinkedIn.

Thus, I would suggest not to ignore your daily Social circle, as they could also go a great way in promoting you as a brand...not just in Social media but also in your professional/social circle.

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  1. Nice Post .....Trying to be social in working atmosphere(office)........ ;) God know how this mantra works....if its fails then Chris Garret is gonna have a tough time with me !!!!