Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My aim in life????

What would I do when I grow up…have I given it a thought?
I’m so grown up, but this one…still gets me all distraught!! 

Do I really know the truth… about what I want to do?
Do others have to know… of which I’ve no imminent clue! 

Do I have a logical vision… of where I have to go?
Or is there, an elusive dream … to pursue and follow?

Itz really tough to take a call  …on what I wanna achieve
Would I just wanna take & take… or would I care to give?

How early on, do I decide….how to earn my bread?
Whether I have to toil, it hard… or simply be well read.

Would it be a simple job… that has been done before?
Or will I take that exceptional path… that shakes me to the core?

Will I work for just the cash… to make more & more of it?
Have a house, own cars & gold…without an existent limit?

What if I wanna do something….but I’m good at something else
Would I dare to change the path… and turn chaos to sense?

So many years have I slogged...liking  this thing & that
But if you rate my happiness…it would all fall flat

I have been made to do… work that I (apparently) do well
Is that what I’d to do forever… I still can’t really tell

I’ve tried my luck in diverse…new and frayed old things
Experimenting or copying… selling gold to the kings!!

But still I am, where I was.... undecided & lost
I still don't know my aim in life...but things could have been worst?

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  1. Very well written! That explains the feelings most of us go through. Quarter life crisis, is it?