Friday, February 25, 2011

Where I finally belong.....

This morning, I saw the sun rise....after ages perhaps
Don't  really really know...who was responsible for those gaps
Was it me...shying away from the star is sleepy oblivion?
Or was it the orb.... whose ego prevented our union?

Rising before the sun, always gave me that high
The feeling of accomplishment, is too powerful to deny
Who was evading whom all these days...?
Possibly the curtains, perhaps the laze 

But today, we both had pledged a pact
Silently, mindlessly...within a second, in fact!
To see each other rise.... every every single day
To dispel sinful languor... with the first promising ray

Today, the new morning brought.... a strong presage of hope
Of broadening horizons, possibilities... of expanding scope
With a simmering heart and wings that were folded for too long
 The sun & I take off... sun to the skies & where I finally belong!!!


  1. Lovely composition Swati. Are you romancing with SUN!

  2. Thanks a lot, Pinky :) Romancing....well yes in a way. Saw the sunrise after ages, actually!!!

  3. Some mundane things can set our imaginations free, don't they? Lovely poem.

  4. Inspiring..! rising with the sun gives us hope, we can look ahead to a bright day :D loved the poem.