Friday, October 15, 2010

A rendezvous with life...

A personality beyond any comparison. A diva in flesh and blood. Expressive eyes speaking volumes about the exquisite beauty they have seen and experienced. That rich laughter brimming with youthful mirth, abundant...full. Words trimmed with wisdom, yet carefree. A self professed “eighteen-till-she lives” woman! Today I was face to face with my inspiration in life…

The impact of meeting someone like that is hard on you. It gets you thinking on aspects of life you never thought existed. It makes you feel like a much better person. Like a fresh start, like a promising new morning.

A dancer, an ace photographer a stage artiste, a taekwondo green belt, an engineer, a writer, a journalist, a technology expert …she packs quite some punch under her talented belt. At the peak of her career as a technology consultant in a leading multinational, she suddenly quit it all. But ‘quit’ is a word she has never really wanted to understand. A go-getter with a never-say-die spirit and a zest for living life to its full, she dived headlong into what she loved most- her parents, her family and photography.

Going for the tougher things over the easier ones is her forte and she has done that with aplomb. There were initial struggles but ceaseless talent cannot go unnoticed for long. Today, she has her hands full, traveling all over the globe, capturing extraordinary angles of mundane thing s and making the exquisite look even more breathtaking.

No person was ever honored for what he received…honor has been the reward for what he gave. Her enthusiastic giving nature has made her go to schools where teachers are not frequent, infirmaries where someone dies for the lack of a little help, where just a smile can change a life. She has constantly contributed to numerous workshops, camps, seminars, consultations, talks and training programs to teach other s what she has loved and learnt…and won the accolades all along.

And she goes on…without a rest, without a pause, without catching a breath- doing the novel, all that she loves, all that inspires her, all that which makes a difference to this world. But for Hema Narayanan, the woods are still dark, the miles are stretched ahead and the promises beckon loudly…

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