Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Social Media- the Hues n' Blues

Just a few months back, I introduced myself to the blogosphere and to Social media. In fact many of us would also have done the same- about the same time, before or after that. My friends & colleagues are into it as well and everyone knows what exactly to do when you are on it. Judging by the number of articles I see daily on how to succeed in the social media market, this revolution is here to stay on and capture the world.

And I plunged into it headlong. I opened an account at Twitter, a Facebook & LinkedIn profile was successfully up, I joined groups & communities, commented on people's blogs, bookmarked my favorite sites on Delicious & of course I started my blog. So far so good. Things were catching up. Friend requests got okayed, senior professionals approved of my invitations, I started getting replies to my personal mail enquiries, I got requests & follows, I posted articles, invited people to my site, advertised a few of my company's short, I was social media active. Rather I was hooked- everything looked right & I was on perfect track. Just then, I went ahead and made a mistake.

I will blame myself for it completely. I've never been good at accepting criticism, when it comes. And especially when it was someone senior from my organization, who made me mentally sore, I made the grave mistake of stopping all my social media interactions. And yes, I am repenting.

But as per one of the saying in my daily quotes calender-" the real failure is not the one who doesn't get his goal but the one who gives up". I still have hope. So I haven't given up and here I am after 4-6 months of absence, trying to rebuild what I had lost. And in the process learn much more than I had.

Social media is still at the heights of being hyped, has every reason to be and will continue be hyped (see: Harvard Business Article) till it becomes a major part & parcel of our lives.

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  1. hi swati.. nice to read the blog... believe me blogging is very refreshing and helps you give vent to all your feelings be it anger, frustration or joy. You write so well, dont just give up just because someone said something. Go on keep writing, keep blogging, waiting to read more posts from you :)

    All the best.